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Hello Ivan.  We took possession of the home this past Monday.  Thanks for your help.  We were able to negotiate a $4,000 seller credit based on your findings.


Scott Shean- Pembroke Pines




Your reports show your professionalism.  Thank you for doing such a great job.


Carlos Perez






I have done many other inspections, but I have never seen a report like yours.

The report is great - the information presented and the pictures are terrific. I will use your company for all my inspections.

Mr. McGrath – West Palm Beach




Notably good service experience, On time and on budget ,

The best decision a ever made !

P.S Fort Lauderdale




Notably good service experience

I would recommend, good quality for price.

P.P  - Fort  Lauderdale




Thank you for doing such a good job.  Really, I enjoy your inspections as you make sentences, fill in all the boxes, write in complete sentences and answer special response questions.  We get paid per inspections just like you. We edit and some days I spend the whole time tracking down contacts, making calls, trying to make heads or tails of inspections, etc.  So when I do yours, I actually make a living and support my 3 kids.  I appreciate your good work.  Have a great holiday.


North Carolina 


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